R.Jabbin, BSc, MSc,
UKCP Accredited

Psychoanalytic-Psychotherapy Services
Regent Street

It can take time to reach the point when we don’t feel we can cope with our struggles alone and realise that we need help and that it is time to invest in that help. This is part of being human. We often spend a long time putting off things we are struggling with the most, as if it were a secret or something we don’t want to consiously acknowledge about ourselves. We brush aside thoughts, feelings, behaviours that trouble is in the hope they will just dissapear and then everything will be alright, until we see ourselves struggling with the same.  

Taking the first steps to find help can feel like a big task in it self, so welcome. I hope you find the information given on the following pages helpful. If you have questions please get in touch. 

I am a trained and qualified psychoanalytic-psychotherapist, what this means I will go on to explain in later pages. I have over a decade of experience in working with various settings. In the following pages of I will explain my approach to my work. I will outline my experience. What you can expect and how to contact me.